Butterfly Haven

YBW Butterfly Haven


Yellowstone Bear World Butterfly Haven

Closed for the season on August 15, 2021.

Next year, as we did in 2021, we will be including a new Butterfly Experience with your admissions. You will have the opportunity to see hundreds of exotic butterflies and even be able to feed them nectar! The Butterfly Haven is behind the Three Bears Gift Shop to the left from 10am – 6pm.


Butterfly Species:

                    • Buckeye
                    • Monarch
                    • Mourning Cloak
                    • Queen
                    • Red Admiral
                    • Weldemeyer’s Admiral
                    • Red Admiral
                    • Painted Lady
                    • And Many More!

Release Times:

    • At Noon and 3PM every day we release more butterflies into the haven.


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