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A Brief Background

What does Yellowstone Bear World have to offer you may wonder…well how about a petting zoo full of adorable animals that just want some attention? Animals that aren’t usually found in petting zoos…Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Pigs, Turkeys, Chickens, Baby Deer, and Peacocks to boot! Besides the animals in the petting zoo, there are also six baby bear cubs who are just begging for attention. You can watch them while they play with each other, and you can even bottle-feed the cubs! The animals out in the drive-through area are individual, unique, and may surprise you with their antics and personalities. All of our animals were born in captivity, with the exception of Stiltz, the Moose, who came to us as a baby. Each animal has their own personality that is just waiting to be discovered!

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