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Bear Safety Tips

As promised, here are some great tips on how to stay safe when you’re in Bear Country.

  1. Keeping the surrounding area free of bear- attractants. Keep your trash in bear-resistant containers, don’t hang bird-feeders, and do not leave food, grease, or left-overs from meals lying out. You should also secure pet-food. If you are camping, then store your food in a bag and suspend it from a tree away from your campground. Cook 100 m downwind from your tent. Doing these things will reduce the chance of a bear finding its way to your campground.
  2. Make yourself known. Be noisy. Talk, sing, or just make noise to alert bears that you’re there. Bears don’t want to run into you anymore than you want to run into them.
  3. Keep all doors and windows locked. Bears can, and will climb through open windows.
  4. Don’t stockpile garbage. Thoroughly burn any and all garbage or dispose of it away from your house, or campsite. Also don’t get the smell of garbage on your clothes.
  5. Stay in groups. If you’re going hiking, or camping, go in larger groups.
  6. Be Aware of your surroundings. Think of the places that bears may like. For example; a berry patch, or a fish filled stream. If these are places where bears are known to be, then be extra aware and sensitive to your surroundings.
  7. Carry Pepper Spray while camping or hiking. You can use this as a first line of defense in a bear encounter.
  8. Never take food or any scented items of any kind into your tent. This can attract a bear into your sleeping quarters.
  9. Do not camp or hike by or on natural corridors that seem to be used by wild animals. Bears use trails like these, and you don’t want to be around them.
  10. And Lastly…Stay ALERT! Becoming distracted, or letting your guard down can lead to an encounter.

*This information was found at bearsmart.com and in Bear-ology by Sylvia Dolson

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