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Don’t Fear the Bears, Learn About Them!

Growing up, kids are afraid of a lot of things…sharks, spiders, the dark and also popular on that list—bears. Some children have nightmares about bears and grow up with a real phobia of them, even fearing outdoor, mountain adventures just in case there is an off chance, one in a million bear encounter. Bears are a beautiful, majestic animal and if you understand them, there is no need to fear them. If you have a child who is chronically afraid of bears, one of the best things to do is to take them to Yellowstone Bear World and SHOW him or her that while bears are powerful and we should be careful and respectful, they are beautiful, cute and awe inspiring. Seeing bears up close Yellowstone Bear World can replace fear, paranoia and nightmares about bears with interest, intrigue and appreciation for this great animal.


Learn how bears live


Bears in Yellowstone Bear World have been rescued and cared for in a protected environment. The staff at this magnificent bear refuge are knowledgeable with everything bear related and can answer all the questions little inquiring minds may have. They can see the bears up close, watch how and what they eat in the wild and learn about their instinctive habits. Getting up close to bears in this manner helps children appreciate them in a different regard. Bears are playful with each other, they are curious and they can even be funny and entertaining to watch.


Learn bear safety


There are many animals that can harm humans if you are not careful. Teaching kids that all animals should be respected and handled with care is a good idea. Even domesticated, animals can revert back to their natural instincts and bears are no different. Learning bear safety and what to do should you encounter a bear will help you feel more empowered and less afraid. The experienced staff at Yellowstone Bear World are excited and happy to teach your family and children about all the bear safety tips. Learning these tips will help you stay safe should you ever encounter a bear in the wild. If you ever encounter a bear in the wild, the first thing to remember is DO NOT RUN. Bears will chase and pursue you. Remain calm and always face the bear, do not turn away. This and other tips will be taught to you at Yellowstone Bear World.


Experience the bears up close


People often fear what they don’t know and understand and it is the case with bears as well. By understanding bears and their natural instincts, it will open your eyes to how awesome and incredible they are. The fear melts away and with it is replaced an adoration of this remarkable animal. At Yellowstone Bear World, you can watch bears interact from a safe distance. And for the most endearing experience you can get, bottle feeding baby bears will make your heart absolutely melt. What experience can dispel the fear of bears more than to bottle feed these cuddly baby bears? It is absolutely precious.


No more nightmares, come see the bears


Helping your child overcome a fear is one of the greatest experiences you can have as a parent. Plan your next visit to Yellowstone Bear World with your family to see nature’s incredible wildlife up close. The free roaming wildlife are spectacular such as moose, elk, deer, bison and more. Top it off with a personally guided curator tour and you have an experience to last a lifetime. With amusement park rides and the cutest gift shop ever, your children will be wholeheartedly enjoy their day spent learning about bears at Yellowstone Bear World.

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