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Don’t Miss the Curator Tours at Yellowstone Bear World

A trip to Yellowstone National Park should be on everyone’s “bucket list” of places to see during their lifetime. The scenery, sights and natural phenomenons seen at Yellowstone National Park are unlike any you can see on the entire planet. Everyone always hopes to see Yellowstone wildlife during their trip through the park but that does not always happen. But isn’t that the point? Too see the animals? Many people head to Yellowstone to see the incredible wildlife—the bears, antelope, moose, buffalo and so many more. Seeing wildlife during your adventure through this beautiful national park is half the fun.


Where did all the bears go?

Animal sightings have become less and less common as animals avoid areas more populated with people. In the 1950’s and 1960’s bears were commonly seen along the roadside because they knew humans gave them food. People would drive through and feed bears from their car and the bears would follow them. However, these encounters often turned dangerous, even deadly as bear attacks were frequent. On average, 48 bear attacks and 138 bear-caused property damages were reported each year. During the 1970’s, a big campaign started a change that is now evident in Yellowstone today. The public was heavily discouraged from feeding bears and steps were taken to prevent bears from foraging in garbage cans. This undertaking meant educating the public and it has been successful, which is why you do not see as many Yellowstone bears at the roadside today. From 1980-2011, there were over 40,000 bear sightings, many from afar as bears are not as social as they once were. You should never get close to a bear in its natural habitat, as it is dangerous, but there is a way you can safely view Yellowstone bears and that is at Yellowstone Bear World on a Curator Tour.

Get up close with bears on the curator tours

Though the bears at Yellowstone Bear World are protected and cared for, we try and make the environment in which they live as natural as they would live in the wild. By joining a Curator Tour, you can safely view the bears in the park from the back of our curator truck. Feeding them is part of the fun! We provide food you can toss to them and they will follow the truck and come up close for a little snack, just like they did to passersby in the 1950’s, except now it is done safely with no bear attacks and 100% safety for both the bears and our guests. It is the best way to view these amazing and adorable bears from just a few feet away!

Visit Yellowstone Bear World to see the wildlife

Don’t leave this beautiful national park without seeing all of the Yellowstone wildlife on your list. Bison, deer, elks, moose, mountain goats and who can forget the bears—are all here to see up close on your trip through the park. You will love your experience and your kids will be talking about the fun they had for years to come. Don’t miss out!

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