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Interesting Facts About Bears You Have Probably Never Heard About

Bears may be one of the most interesting animals to mankind. They have captivated our mental faculties for years, and some people even use bears to help with overcoming mental illnesses, such as trauma or for natural therapeutic relief. This interesting fact is just a sample of many interesting things about bears that few have realized, and our team of bear experts at Yellowstone Bear World has compiled a few of them in this article.

The Spirit Bear

The spirit bear is a black bear that is colored nearly white. It is only found in British Columbia, Canada. The native American Tsimshian people considered this bear sacred and thus never hunted them. Though it was common to see these bears wrestling at sporting events and carnivals, the spirit bear population has been significantly reduced over time due to poaching and manmade intervention. It is believed that there is only one remaining spirit bear today.

Bear Tamers

Bears are by no means a domesticated animal, but this hasn’t stopped Doug Seus. Doug is well-known for being a wildlife trainer, including his prowess at taming bears for several movies throughout Hollywood. His most famous bear, Bart, actually appeared in 11 movies before his death. Doug is considered a master of his time, but other bear trainers haven’t been as successful. James Adams, who was an animal trainer and mountain man, is recorded to have been wounded so badly by a bear that he was training that he eventually died due to extreme hemorrhaging. Timothy Treadwell, another bear enthusiast, and his girlfriend also died by vicious maulings even after spending about 13 years around bears.

Admiralty Island

Admiralty Island is located in Southern Alaska near Juneau City. Approximately 1600 sq mi of this island is wilderness, which acts as home to lots of wildlife. The area has an exquisite natural beauty, but going there for a holiday must be a well-thought-out decision. There are numerous brown bears found on the island and is believed to host the most significant population density of bear than anywhere else in the world, roughly one bear per square mile. It is interesting to note that these bears can smell their pray while it is about one kilometer away. They use this strong scent to feel seals in the ice.

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