Dinos Ads


Farrall Family, United Kingdom

“Wonderful experience! We managed to see so many animals even before [Yellowstone] Park! Brought back so many memories of childhood trips to Yellowstone over 40 years ago!”

Harenberg Family, Utah

“Love it!! Will totally recommend to my friends and family.”

Wall Family, Georgia

“Wow, excellent place! I have been across the entire United States now and this was the best part of my trip. Thanks!”

Gonzalez Family, California

“Awesome!! Kids went crazy and so did we, well done!! A must do for anyone travelling to Yellowstone!!”

Bodily Family, Utah

“We stop here every year on the way to Yellowstone to see the bears—because you seldom see bears in Yellowstone anymore. We love all the animals—grandkids loved the rides too. Always buy the fudge.”

Gaytan Family, Texas

“It was very exciting to see so many bears up close!”

Larson Family, Utah

“Awesome place! Loved all the animals, we had a blast! We will be back!”

Lim Family, Malaysia

“Experience of a lifetime.”

Muellez Family, Australia

“Wonderful experience. I wanted to see bears and this fulfilled my dream. Thank you.”

Rhoads Family, Washington

“One of the coolest places I have been to. There is no other experience like it!”