Escobar Family

This is an amazing place. I took my 4 boys here not expecting much out of it. It was unbelievable! We had lots of fun. Seeing bears so close to your car is a one in a lifetime experience. One of the bears on our third round stopped right in front of my car and started licking the bugs off the front light. WOW! I was so nervous ~ the kids were so excited. Brown bears, black bears among other animals. Then the little park with unlimited rides was a great hit for my 4 year old, along with the petting zoo. GREAT EXPERIENCE! Don’t miss it!

Murphy Family, Utah

Our kids couldn’t get enough of it.  It was a blast!!!

Strauch Family, Oregon

So much fun!  Thanks for the possibility of getting up close and personal with these amazing animals.

Koretz Family, Illinois

We really loved this visit.  The curator tour was awesome! Amazing!  Thanks!

Mackie Family, Utah

Great stop. We had a lot of fun, the bears were awesome.  We will come again.

Nathan, Idaho

Nathan, Idaho

No better place to experience the “wild” than Yellowstone Bear World.  It is amazing to have the wild life so close to you as you drive through the park. Especially the Bears, since they are so hard to find in the wild.  Seeing the Bear Cubs play is entertainment all in itself.  The staff is very friendly.  As the Billboards say, It isn’t a Yellowstone Vacation without a Stop at Yellowstone Bear World

Young Family

I would just like to say that my family just love YBW. It was such a wonderful time. We have never been there before. It was defintaly worth the drive. My family and i look forward to going again a couple of more times this summer. I would recomend YBW to anyone. Thanks for the Fun!!!

Mogensen Family

We are from Utah and we go to Bear World every year at least once.   Have been doing it for years.  I love Bear World!

Cami Thompson

I love YellowStone Bear World!! getting to see the baby bears every year! how many places can you do that i’ll tell you NO WHERE!! and having bears around your car AWESOME!!! if you haven’t been its a must see place ! its so fun!

Nikkita Berg-Hill

If you have not been to YBW you need to go! It is just a new expirience each time you visit! From being able to bottle feed a bear cub, go on the curator tour, and driving through with all the animals around you!