Dinos Ads


Paysen Family, Utah

“Exceeded our expectations! We thought this would be a one-time experience but we are definitely coming back!”

Pancake Family, West Virginia

“Best day of my life! This was a surprise trip from my husband and everything about it was perfect!”

Bateman Family, Virginia

“We love to bring the kids when we come to Idaho to visit family. The bear cubs are fantastic as is the drive through. Wonderful!”

Fayant Family, Canada

“Awesome place! Kids and all of us loved it! We read your article about why you built this place and we say Ditto! Didn’t see a single bear in Yellowstone all week. Glad we came here to see bears! Also loved the [white] elk. Incredible!”

Schroth Family, Virginia

“We fulfilled an item on our bucket list—we fed the baby bears! Awesome!!!”

Gattis Family, Texas

“Great place, so excited we came. Once in a lifetime experience, thanks!”

Padro Family, Utah

“Outstanding vision. Someday people around the world will say, ‘After our trip to Yellowstone Bear World, let’s go to Yellowstone National Park!’ Congratulations on a great idea!!!”

Bolander Family, Idaho

“We came here 14 years ago and the kids have wanted to come back ever since. You didn’t disappoint! Thank you from our family!”

Risenmay Family, Utah

“Seriously so fun! Our kids can’t stop talking about it, and they loved the free kid’s rides. Thanks!”

Spooner Family, Australia

“Amazing! Great work with the park, the animals and guest interactions. Excellent price—you should charge more, it’s worth it! Will recommend to others. Thank you!”